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Ezekiel Browne, Founder & Philanthropist

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Chair of the Executive Committee that founded the Manchester Warehousemen and Clerks' Orphan Schools, Ezekiel Browne was instrumental in establishing a School that would educate the children of working men should misfortune befall them.

Inspired by men from London, who had already begun to establish a similar school in Croydon, Ezekiel and his fellow warhehousemen and clerks put a plan in place to allow workers to pay a subscription to the School. In the case of their death this would enable their children to be educated and avoid a life on the streets of Victorian Manchester. Along with the rest of the Executive Committee he worked tirelessly to promote the School and protect its children.

He was not a wealthy man, working only as a cashier. When he died at the age of 42 his wife and three children were left so "necessitous" that his daughter, Elizabeth, was elected as a pupil.

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