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Ashley, Year 10

Ashley has shown resilience when it comes to his swimming. He recently took part in the Cheshire Country Championships swimming in 10 events, in which he won 4 Gold medals, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze.

After breaking the County record set in 2012, Ashley said he was amazed at how well he did.

“I was very surprised because I wasn’t feeling very well and I thought the competition would be a disaster. But I knew I had worked hard in training and it paid off.”

In the relay race, Ashley left the blocks 4th against some tough competitors but managed to place Gold by a fingertip.

He said: “The relay was the best race of my life. After leaving the block 4th I thought the best I could get was 3rd. When I finished the race and realised I had caught up and won, I was so happy.”

Outside of School Ashley swims for Altringham, that was awarded the most improved club last year. However, in school he says the staff has helped him a lot: “It’s good having a mentor that checks up on me and gives me advice. CHS also helps with my busy schedule of swimming and my commitments in School.”


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