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Chris Oglesby, Class of 1986

On graduating from Cheadle Hulme School, Chris Oglesby studied Property Valuation and Finance at the London School of Economics and City University. This naturally paved the way for an investment role at St Quintin (now CBRE) in London, and then for Bruntwood in Manchester. His time here begun in 1991 and continues today. In 1993, he qualified as a Chartered Surveyor and set up their city centre office – this involved bringing on board an in-house sales and marketing team. At the end of the 90s, he climbed to the top by taking over the reins as the company’s CEO.

Being a family-owned and run company, at Bruntwood’s core are the strong values it was founded on. They believe their success instigates from its customers and communities, sparking Chris to play an active and often leading role in public and private sector initiatives and partnerships. This has included being a board member at CityCo, the Piccadilly Partnership, Corridor Manchester, and the Irwell City Park initiative. He also used his experience of best practice in local area partnerships to set up the Commercial District and West End Partnerships in Liverpool and Leeds.

Bruntwood is recognised nationally for its support of cultural and community initiatives, donating 10% of its annual profits to charitable causes. Chris is a trustee of The Oglesby Charitable Trust, which works with more than 40 community based charities a year, is a board member of youth charity Young Manchester and a school governor.


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