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Greg Swimer, Class of 1989

Chief Technology Officer, City Football Group

Manchester City fan Greg studied Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford University, before starting his career with Mars & Co as a Management Consultant. He moved to Unilever, working in the IT department for three years where his interest in technology grew. He left Unilever to begin a tech start-up company, then returned to Unilever where he rose to Chief Technology Officer. Roles with Weizmann UK and Hogarth Worldwide followed before Greg was offered his dream job with City Football Group.

“After being a supporter for 40 years, I couldn’t turn it down. It was an incredible opportunity. I’m based in London but travel to Manchester about twice a week - I often try to make one of the days a Saturday!

The thing that I love about working in technology is that there are always new problems to solve, new challenges to overcome. Technology is vital to all companies these days, you just have to find out how to best use the tech for that company’s needs and ambitions. It’s the same for any industry you’re in.

The challenge isn’t finding out what’s happening in tech, that’s everywhere, the challenging part is picking which bits are relevant and working out how to use it. That’s where having years of experience in the world of IT helps you make better judgements and helps you work out where to prioritise.

My time at CHS definitely sparked my interest in technology. I remember flying out of the Junior School with my backpack still on to try and get to Computer Club. There was only one computer room with Amstrad computers and we had to race over to get on the computers first.”


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