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John Edmondson, Class of 1965

“I joined the senior school in 1958 at the age of ten, and it is daunting to realise that my connection with the School extends to 40% of its entire time on the current site! At first I was highly competitive and eager to excel academically but increasingly I tended to neglect my studies, preferring to throw myself wholeheartedly into the wonderful social milieu which CHS offered then (and, I trust, still does). I formed many enduring friendships and am eternally grateful for ‘the best years of my life’ – well, some of them, at least.

I re-established close contact with the School at the 150th Anniversary celebrations in 2005, and shortly after that I joined the 1855 Society by writing a bequest to CHS into my will. This is a way of showing my gratitude which best suits my circumstances and will ultimately offer the greatest benefit; it gives me much pleasure to know that I shall be supporting my alma mater, although I am in no hurry to conclude the process.”

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