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Kit Yates, Class of 2003

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Since leaving CHS as Head Boy in 2003, Kit has continued to inspire students, returning to deliver a lecture as part of the Ezekiel Browne series. Kit is passionate about his field - mathematical biology, and is committed to engaging others in the topic through his outreach work. This commitment earned him the Young Alumni Award in 2013.

Kit is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and co-director of the Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Bath. His research has demonstrated, perhaps unexpectedly, that mathematics can be used to describe all sorts of phenomena from embryo formation to locust swarming and from sleeping sickness to egg-shell patterning.

His research into Mathematical Biology has been covered by the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, RTE and Reuters amongst others. Independently his writing about the enjoyment and ubiquity of Mathematics has appeared in the Times, the i, the Mail and many popular science publications. Kit also sets real-world-based mathematical puzzles, which have appeared in a range of newspapers, on tube adverts and on the TV and on radio.

September 2019 sees the release of Kit’s book, “The Maths of Life and Death”. The book explores the true stories of life-changing events in which the application (or misapplication) of mathematics has played a critical role: athletes banned by faulty tests, innocent victims of miscarriages of justice and the unwitting victims of software glitches. He wrestles with ethical dilemmas and examines pertinent societal issues like political referenda and artificial intelligence. Being published in over 20 languages Kit is excited to see the impact the book will make.

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