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Molly, Year 6

Molly has been challenging gender stereotypes since she started CHS. After teachers discovered Molly was playing for Stockport Rugby Club U9s on Sundays, they encouraged Molly to take part in trial for the rugby team.

When Molly was in Year 4 she was chosen as team captain for the U9 Boys Team. She was responsible for making sure her team were ready for matches and they knew what the plan for the match was.

It was family influences that got her into rugby as she watched her older brother play for Stockport Ruby Club and was excited when her Dad suggested she join the U6 team.

Now in Year 6 Molly continues to play rugby with the boys.

Remembering back to when Molly was chosen as captain, Junior Rugby Coach Mr Cartwright said: “Molly was such a good player in the AJIS tournament at the time, but she was also chosen because is selfless and looks to bring others into the game – not just score every time.”

Giving her advice to fellow aspiring players, Molly said: “I would tell anyone who wants to play rugby to do it; don’t be scared if your friends don’t think it’s cool. Just do what you want and don’t listen to them.”

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