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Nicole Butterworth, Class of 1990

Nicole is the National Race Officer at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

In short, I get to talk about sailing every day. I manage the regatta & racing programme at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and help develop the curriculum for the Sailing Academy (RYA Training Centre). Massive bucket list tick this year: I helped organise & run the America’s Cup Super Yacht & J Class regattas, as well as being part of the America’s Cup race management team. I’m very lucky that I get to work in an area that is a lifelong passion for me. I know how rare that is.

My favourite memory of CHS is our Boarding House antics. It was my home away from home. The ladies I boarded with are still some of my closest, most cherished friends. Followed closely by the Geology field trip to Isle of Aran, Easter ’88 – never steamed so many sticky-toffee puddings in my life! My life quote is from fellow boarder Cathy Shrank: “It tastes better when you slurp it” (drinking tea in the Dining Room one Sunday night) – stays with me to this day.”

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