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Nigel Westbrook, former teacher

Nigel began teaching English at CHS in 1978 as a newly qualified teacher. Over 39 years at the School, Nigel became a revered leader of the English department, inspiring hundreds of students.

As a keen actor and performer himself, Nigel brought depth and drama to every lesson, striving to develop the creativity and analytical perspective of his pupils. Nigel himself saw the role of an English teacher as one which “requires you to foster a passion for and appreciation of reading, a curiosity about language and a desire to become more adept at using it; in other words, to help students understand the vital role that language and literature still play in making sense of the world around us.”

So many students and teachers benefited from his wisdom and as highlighted by former pupil Frances Armani, Class of 1983, we all “still draw on what [we] learnt from him”.

The first Nigel Westbrook Award for Creative Writing was awarded in September 2018, a prize created to commemorate Nigel’s outstanding achievement and his love of Literature.

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