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Nik Basran, Class of 1998

Nik Basran (aka Mindy while at school!) is CEO of The Authentic Food Co. He is a second generation family business leader, taking over the company from his mother Kamal, a CHS Governor, who started the company from her kitchen.

His biggest challenge to date has been buying out the family business during a recession in 2008, while his biggest achievement was buying a business from Kraft Heinz in 2015.

Nik came back to CHS to speak to students with a broad range of interests about his journey in business. His top tips were invaluable to all of the students, regardless of their career intentions and included encouraging them to be inquisitive, to be a radiator not a drain, and the importance of handwriting a thank you note.

Being from the food industry we asked Nik for his favourite memory of school dinners, “Jam roly poly with custard, having a laugh with mates and not having a care in the world!”

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