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Oliver, Year 11

Year 11 student Oliver captured the imagination of Twitter users around the world after he launched an online campaign as part of a School project.

Tasked with creating a project to stay occupied over the summer holidays as part of CHS’s independent Thinking Skills curriculum, imaginative Oliver came up with ‘A Wave from the World’ – to show how technology has made the world a smaller place by using social media platform, Twitter.

After creating his own website and setting up the social media account, teach-savvy Oliver tracked down active Twitter users in countries around the world, asking for tweets of a photo of them waving with the hashtag #awavefrom.

With the goal of collecting waves from 193 countries, Oliver said: “It was the perfect project - getting to use social media without being told off because it was educational!”

“I wanted to see how far around the globe I could communicate without opening my mouth. The idea seemed simple enough but then I realised there are 193 countries!”

The project received wide-spread attention from Manchester Evening News and BBC Radio Manchester, and a number of celebrities including TV presenter Jeff Brazier and actress Denise Welch, have also sent friendly ‘waving selfies’.

“The reaction was really positive. People loved the idea and really wanted to help. Google translate helped me write tweets in lots of different languages.”

Oliver says the highlight was receiving a wave from Syrian refugee children in Turkey, which was facilitated by charity Humanity First. The charity also tweeted waves from children in Haiti and Guatamala and altruistic Oliver was inspired to raise money for its Classroom Transformation Project in low income countries.

‘A Wave from the World’ impressed CHS so much that Oliver was awarded one of the School’s Duncan Matheson prizes under the 'Media Piece' category during the School’s Annual Celebration at Bridgewater Hall - awarded to students for their creativity across their own Thinking Skills project.

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