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Peter Hope, Class of 1949

Peter Hope was born in Edgeley, Stockport in 1930 and following his late father’s wishes, he joined CHS as a day boy from the age of seven. Although his parents were not musical, Peter developed a love for music early on in life during visits to the local cinemas, listening to movie scores with friends.

Peter’s passion for music truly blossomed during his time at CHS; transfixed by Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony, played to the class by the teacher Miss Young on a wind-up gramophone, Peter was driven to learn how to play the piano himself. Peter’s talent as a musician and composer was honed during his time at CHS, then at Manchester University and onwards in the world of the arts after graduation.

Winner of an Ivor Novello award, Peter enjoyed a long and extremely successful career, with an endless and impressive list of musical accolades to his name.

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