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Sarah Jackson, Class of 2016

'At school I was a keen hockey player, representing the first team for 4 years whilst receiving my first England caps too. I have since swapped sports and I am now a windsurfer - last year winning Youth World Champion and ranked 5th in the IFCA Senior World Rankings.

CHS taught me the discipline, communication and time management skills that are now an integral part of my athletic success. The support I received at CHS was amazing and really helped to give me the foundation to become the athlete I am today. I will be forever grateful to all my teachers for standing by me and helping me achieve top grades despite constantly staring out of the window at the hockey pitch or the trees if it was windy!

I am now at the University of Bath studying Sports Performance, after which I hope to graduate and become a full time windsurfer if I can secure the financial support.'

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