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Stanley, Year 5

“Stanley embodies everything which is good about CHS and its core values.

Stanley is first and foremost a good friend and this is evident time and time again in the classroom and playground.

He is also committed to all he does: he is a keen musician who practises hard and is always punctual. He loves to take part in drama and dramatic productions and loves to be part of sport at CHS.

Stanley sets a fine example for the other pupils to follow and this has made him an ideal choice as School Councillor, he has shown initiative and drive on a number of issues, the most foremost being our project to encourage all at CHS to be more environmentally considerate.

Stanley is a pleasure to have in any class on any project and embodies the values of endeavour, resilience, integrity, compassion and contribution demonstrating to others what these values are and how to live them.”

CHS Junior School Deputy Head, Mr Malcolm Johnson

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