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Susie Williams, Class of 1982

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Susie is the Department Manager - Process, Safety, Environment & HVAC - at Aker Solutions in Oslo, Norway.

“I chose to do a degree in Electroacoustics at the University of Salford as I wanted to combine my musical interest with an engineering/technical subject. As it turned out all of my fellow students had had the same idea, and we all had aspirations to either design concert halls or build loudspeakers when we graduated. Reality turned out to be rather different.

I spent my sandwich year working in Oslo for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. and fell in love with the country. When I graduated I moved back to Norway and got a job working as an acoustic consultant for a firm of civil building consultants. Within 6 months I was seconded out to a company called Kværner Engineering (now Aker Solutions) who designed oil rigs and that is where I still am! They employed me full time in 1998.

After having worked as a specialist in offshore noise control and acoustics for 25 years I was given the position of Department Manager in 2012 with responsibility for 40 colleagues and 45 contract personnel. A major reorganisation in the company in 2016 changed this to being 80 colleagues and an even bigger challenge as a line manager. This has been a big change from the technical work I have had all these years but still a job I really thrive with!”

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