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Tommy Hodson, Class of 1958

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Tommy Hodson, Class of 1958, remembers his time at CHS fondly:

I started a week late at CHS in September 1951. The master strode in complete with gown and we all stood, “Good morning boys and girls,” he said, “sit down!”

“Hodson,” he said, I stood up, “Why are you a week late starting?” “Please sir I’ve been on holiday with my Mam and Dad,” I replied. (Pure Coronation Street) everyone laughed! School blazers made by Henry Barrie in Manchester were bottle green with an embroidered badge. Mine was line green from Hazel Grove Co-Op with a stick on badge. I felt self-conscious and said, “Mam I must call you Mum”, when I got home.

Tommy completed a degree after leaving CHS and became the youngest Insurance Inspector in Manchester. At the age of 30 he set up his own company, which he sold 40 years later.

Tommy is an avid cricketer and has enjoyed retuning to the school to play a summer fixture - something has been doing for 50 years!

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